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Kill My Mother

NKill My Motherby Kakeru Hououin

#16 chapters published (Ongoing)

ThrillerRomanceFull colorSuggestive

Lord of Goblins

Lord of Goblinsby Robyn Paterson; Hadi Bendakji; Moonquill Novels; Michiel Werbrouck

#49 chapters published (Ongoing)

ThrillerSci-fiActionAdventureIsekaiFantasyReincarnationMonstersSurvivalMilitaryLong stripWeb comicAdaptationFull colorShounenSafe

Green Box

Green Boxby Dada Wada

#12 chapters published (Ongoing)


I'm the Grim Reaper

I'm the Grim Reaperby GRAVEWEAVER

#193 chapters published (Ongoing)

ThrillerActionSupernaturalLong stripSafe


NImmigrantby Ruxin

#3 chapters published (Ongoing)


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