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The Heroine Wants Me As Her Sister-in-LawThe Heroine Wants Me as Her Sister-in-Law; 여주인공이 나를 새언니로 점찍었다; Yeojuingongi Nareul Saeeonniro Jeomjjigeotda; Frozen Wolf, Fire Dragon; The Heroine Has Her Eyes on Me as Her Brother's Wife; The Female Lead Turns Me Into Her New Sister; De feu et de glace; Волчица и Красная шапочка; นางเอกนิยายปักตำแหน่งพี่สะใภ้ให้ฉัน; ヒロインが私を兄嫁にしたがっています; 暗黑小红帽认我做嫂嫂; 女主把我当成姐姐; 女主角認我當嫂嫂

AuthorYeongyeon; Chae Yoohua (채유화)

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