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Heretic Slayer Series外道を◯すシリーズ; 百合の間に挟まる外道を◯ろす騎士; 外道ヤリサーを◯ろす騎士; 外道NTR男を◯ろす騎士; Gedou o ◯rosu Series; Yuri no Aida ni Hasamaru Gedou o ◯rosu Kishi; Gedou YariCir o ◯rosu Kishi; Gedou NTR Otoko o ◯rosu Kishi; Heretic Slayer Knight Series; The Knight Who M*rders Yuri Ruiners; The Knight who M*rders Fuckboy Heretics; The NTR Man Slayer Knight; Knight Who Sl*yed a Heretic NTR Man

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